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Herivvarda District Pipes and Drums was founded in 1998 in Heerewaarden by a group of Scottish bagpipe music lovers. The number of members increased quickly and soon Herivvarda became more than just a local band with members coming from all over the country.

More than 200 years ago Herivvarda (Latin for Heerewaarden) was populated by Batavians and Romans. The village soon became a thriving marketplace and because of its geographical strategic position the State Army built their fort "de Voorne" here. It was here where two thousand mercenaries pitched their tents, among them were fifteenhundred Scotsmen. Most of them being members of the clan MacKay en the clan MacLeod. Due to this historical background, Herivvarda District Pipes and Drums has chosen the tartan of the clan MacLeod.

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